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Learn How To Draw By Sharpening Your Observation Skills

When somebody says they can't draw... Is it true?

The fact is that people draw every day... they just don't know they are drawing.

The function of drawing is to make marks onto paper or another surface. These marks will show ideas and information. Communication with these marks is usually done with writing or pictures.

"You can draw if you can write"

Writing a message uses the same skills as drawing.

When you are writing you don't have to think about what you are doing...

* You are forming lines

* You are drawing circles

* You are creating curves

It is easy for you to write. Writing comes naturally to you. You were taught to write from an early age. The skills come easily to you.

The same skills are used for drawing that you use when you write...

* You can use a series of lines to draw a house

* You use a combination of curves to draw a face

This means that you can learn to draw. The only thing stopping you is that it will take your time and effort to develop your drawing skills.

Take a challenge... Pick up a pen or pencil and draw a cat or a dog. Don't worry if the result is disappointing. The resulting drawing could look like quite different from a cat or dog.

This is no great surprise to you. You already know that you can't draw.

However, it could surprise you to learn that many artists would struggle to get an exact likeness.

When you learn to draw, the real challenge is to improve your observation skills.

Take a closer look at a cat and dog. Look at the head...

* See the shape of the head

* See how the ears are placed on top

* See the eyes

* Look at the nose

In seconds you discover a better understanding. The picture in your mind will be strong and crystal clear...

"Now, you will see a sudden improvement when you draw the next dog or cat picture"


Discovering How You Can Draw a Nose

Stuck in drawing a person's body part? To be honest, lots of artist encounter that obstacle and so don't think that you're the only one. One of the most challenging parts of the body to draw could be the nose. Making it look realistic is amongst the obstacles in drawing the nose. But this approach will give you a way to enhance your familiarity with light and shadow together with your smooth shading style. To help you in drawing a nose we'll take a look at the methods that could ensure it to look realistic. Thereby why don't we start in learning how to draw a nose.

First, we need to have the things needed to begin drawing a nose. So have your graphite pencil and conte crayon or charcoal completely ready. You have to obtain tortillon or perhaps stump as well. You'll also need a white vinyl eraser and kneaded eraser. Have a nice workable matte fixative and as well as sketchbook or perhaps drawing paper available. Lastly, you'll need a grid ruler for your dimension.

The first thing to make is to draw a semi-circle with two lines underneath it for a neck. Get the pair of lines use up two-thirds of the width at the widest part of the semi-circle that you drew.

Try to find the precise middle part of the semi-circle up and down with the grid ruler. After that create a light line from bottom on the way to the top in order to sketch your nose. This will likely serve as the path exactly where the middle of the eyes will fall on.

When you are done sketching your nose, create an additional semi-circle however this time make it small compared to the last one and it should be facing downwards. And then draw this coming from the base of the light line which you drew and it will need to end on the tip of the nose.

The next step is drawing the nostril. Create one small circle on the left side of the base of the nose. After that sketch one more small circle on the right side.

At this time you have reached the shading part. You can use a tortillon or perhaps stump if you want to develop a lighter tone of your drawing. To highlight the nostril shade just as smoothly as possible. Utilizing a kneaded eraser you'll be able to alter the tone to produce a lighter tone for those parts that needs to have a light tone. Right after doing the shading aspect work with a white vinyl eraser in order to remove the unnecessary marks of your drawing. Make sure that the nostril is established. And as much possible do your shading that have an almost exact tone and shape of the subject.

To sketch the shape of the nose, draw a darker line over the first line that you just drew. Right here is the portion that you can make your nose look much more lifelike simply by achieving the precise shape of the nose of your subject.

In cases where you will find any extra particulars that you ought to add to your nose you can do so. Just just remember to only draw the shapes along with details that you notice. In drawing the nostrils you only need to draw exactly what you see and don't create anything far more visible unless it is plainly noticeable out of your point of reference.

To be able to come up with a realistic nose drawing you must know the essence of the strategies on exactly how to draw a nose. Provide your nose charm and make it as realistic as possible. Simply adhere to the steps that have been mentioned and as a consequence you'll be able to understand how to draw a nose.


How to Draw Cars

There may be many reasons why you would like to learn how to draw cars. For example, you want to give your car loving uncle an extraordinary birthday present by giving him a self-made car drawing, or you have to learn how to draw cars for your studies or work. Anyhow, you'll learn a few important steps in this article.

There are many varieties of cars you can draw. Learning how to draw cars can be fun and challenging for every level of artist. You start with a few basic shapes and color with crayon or pencil. What you want to do is to create the most detailed and accurate model-specific rendering of the car, and have it actually looking like a car. It is important hat you remember to use pencil on paper, and have an eraser handy to remove extra lines or marks later.

When learning you need to have a picture for reference. You can choose how to draw a car with different photographs but it certainly helps to have a point of reference, as imagination or memory will only help you so far. Use different pictures of cars and try to copy them. Do it again and again until you're happy, and start on another one.

To start out you only need to have a basic understanding of geometric shapes. With this little bit of knowledge and understanding you can easily learn how to draw a car of any make or model. Perhaps you want to draw a car that is shaped like a sedan. A sedan is a four-door passenger car that seats five people and features a nice, roomy trunk so learning to draw a car shaped like a sedan is typical. It is one of the easiest cars to draw when you are first starting out.

To learn how to draw cars like this you need to begin with a simple, long rectangle. Next, learn to draw a smaller rectangle on top of the long one for the car. Now, to learn to draw a car you can combine the two shapes by adding a long curving line over the rectangles using them as your guide. You have just learned to draw the top of the car. To learn how to draw cards of different styles or models of cars, you can adapt this line.

You might find it helpful to draw squares and lines to help you keep everything in the right dimension. For older cars a lesson is that these will be squares and rectangles with sharper edges. For newer cars the lesson is the shapes will be curved, rounded and angled more. Don't worry over perfect-looking lines at this point, the goal is to get the basic shape and proportion.

Once you have the basic sketch down you'll want to erase the helping lines, and get more into detail. Repeat these steps over and over to get better and better.


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